7 Best Gifts for Squid Game Lovers Squid Game 2 Gifts

squid game sticker

Have you heard the announcement of Netflix launching the second season of the amazing Squid Game series? Yes, you heard it right. The second season for Squid Game is launching on Netflix. Thus, it means you can see your favorite characters from season one again on the OTT platform.

Season one of the Squid Game series was a super hit and was loved by everyone. Seeing the amazing response for season one, creators have announced the launch of the second season of the same series. The announcement has led to a zeal of enthusiasm and excitement among the series lovers.

They are excited to watch the storyline, characters, and plot again on the platform. Viewers are expecting season two to be super amazing as that of season one. Season two of the hit series is expected to hit the floors soon. There is no exact launch date for season two of the Squid game series. The announcement for season two is made on 12th June 2022.

You can watch a brief teaser of season two on the official social media handlers of Netflix.

Thus, if your Netflix subscription is over or you haven’t watched season one of the series, go to Netflix and watch season one. After watching Season one, you will be as excited as others are for the upcoming season two as other viewers.

Also, if you love the Squid Game Series, do you want some personalized gift items for yourself? You can even gift these customized items to your fellow Squid Series Game lover.

Here are some Squid Game series-oriented customized items and accessories that you can buy for yourself or gift to loved ones:

Squid Game Mug

squid game Mug
squid game Mug
squid game Mug
squid game Mug

We all love our morning cup of coffee or tea. If you drink your daily cup of coffee or tea, why not have it in your favorite series theme cup? Yes, you can buy a Squid game mug and enjoy your favorite drink in it every day.

Squid game mugs are available in multiple designs and themes. It has characters from the series, the game setup themes, and the color schemes from the series. You can choose the Squid game mug according to your liking of the series.

You can even gift the mug to your friend who loved the series just like you. It can be a well-customized gift item for a series lover.

Squid Game Ornament

squid game ornament
squid game ornament

Do you love wearing customized, trendy, and unique accessories? If yes, why not try the squid game series-based trendy accessories? You can get customized earrings, a locket, or a bracelet with custom series-based characters and themes.

These trendy ornaments are perfect for days when you want to binge-watch series with your friends, family, or colleagues. You can even gift them to your friend with their favorite scene or character from the series in the ornament.

Squid Game Badge

Do you love the animated cartoon girl appearing in the first episode of the series? Will you wear a badge with the same icon on it? Or the front man badge will suit your personality? You can have all of them through the customized badges made according to the series.

You can even have some favorite names of the games from the series on your badges. Thus, it’s up to you how you would like to customize the badges.

You can even play a game with your friends or colleagues and distribute these series of theme badges as prizes or tokens. Thus, buy your favorite squid game theme badges.

Squid Game T-shirt

How would you feel wearing the same shirt the characters wore in the squid game series? Would you like to wear green T-shirts with the numbers of your favorite characters on them? Customized squid game T-shirts include character numbers, game names, and names of your favorite characters. You can choose from the squid game T-shirts available.

You can buy them for yourself and your friends and binge-watch the series altogether. It would be a great environment and series-watching time for your friend’s group.

Squid Game Beanie

squid game beanie
squid game beanie


Do you want to have a complete look with a squid game t-shirt and a cap? Yes, you can pair a squid game-themed cap with a squid game t-shirt to rock your binge-watching sessions.

The cap looks extremely adorable with the series characters, labels, and names on them. You can choose the customized cap design according to your preferences and pair it with your favorite T-shirt.

You can even wear the cap alone and style it your way.

squid game sticker


Squid game season one was launched by the creator after 12 years of work on it. But the series got a hit within 12 days of its launch. It was a super-hit series and is still streaming on the platform.

In 2022, the second season of the same series is announced. The exact date for the launch of the second season is not finalized but it has already brewed excitement among the viewers.

Thus, if you are excited about the second season, grab your favorite customized squid game accessories and ornaments and wait for season 2 to hit the floors.


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