Gifts for the World’s Best Daddy: Pedro Pascal Edition

I will not turn into one of those things. Come on. Make this easy for me. Did that line just remind you of your favorite series? Yes, it is from the famous The Last of Us. Would you love to have some accessories of the famous series in your possession?
The last of us has been one of the popular series that people loved watching. Having some cool accessories inspired by the series can be a great gift for those who loved the series.
Here are some of the amazing accessories inspired by the series. You can either buy them for yourself or gift them to your loved ones.

The Perdo Pascal Merch Gifts

Pedro Pascal Mug

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A mug is one of the most loved gifts for your loved ones. A mug with pictures of Pedro Pascal is one of the perfect gifts for Pedro Pascal’s fan lovers. The personalized accent mug looks so amazing. The color of the mug and Pedro Pascal’s looks make the mug a perfect gift for your loved ones.
You can buy the personalized mug for yourself as a personal collection. You can enjoy hot coffee or any other drink with the cup during your office hours or chill time.

Pedro Pascal T-shirt

The Pedro pascal t-shirt is the perfect gift for Pedro pascal fans. The print of the actor over the t-shirt looks best on movie dates, hanging out with friends, and many more occasions. Did you know the second season of the last of us has also been announced?
You can binge-watch it while wearing the Pedro pascal t-shirt. You can also bulk order the Pedro pascal t-shirt for all your friend’s group and enjoy the series watch day with some popcorn and coffee.

If I Ever Were To Lose You, I’d Surely Lose Myself Hoodie

Remember the quote from the series? How cool is it to own a hoodie with the same quote? Yes, you can have this quote written on your hoodie. You can flaunt the hoodie as a Pedro pascal fan among your friends and colleagues.
You can even gift the hoodie to the series fans that loved the dialogue and the plot.
The hoodie is also perfect for your winter night outing plans. Just put on the hoodie, start the series, and enjoy the real-time fun.

Daddy Is The State Of Mind, I Am Not Your Daddy – Pedro Pascal Hoodie

The famous dialog of Pedro pascal on a cozy hoodie is the perfect gift for the series lover. All the Pedro pascal fans would love to have the quote hoodie as a gift on their birthdays and occasions.
The quote looks perfect on the center of the hoodie. You can even buy the hoodie for yourself as a Pedro pascal fan.

Last Of Us Characters Stickers

Are you a sticker fan who loves to collect series-based stickers? If yes, we have the last of the series of character stickers for you. These stickers are perfect for your fan art. You can even collect them and create a mood board based on the series. You can stick these stickers on laptops, mobiles, refrigerators, etc.
You can gift these sticker sets to the last of us series fan who loves to create journals. They can use these stickers to create theme-based journals and enjoy their fandom.

The Last Of Us Firefly Ornaments

The firefly symbol of the last of us series is so cool and aesthetic at the same time. Pendants with the firefly symbol look amazing as an ornament to wear. The grayish tone of the pendant gives exactly the series’ character vibes.
You can give the pendant to your friend group and hang out together. The collection of pendants within a friend’s group will give a sense of belonging to every group member.
You can also have a ring made with the firefly symbol on it. Ornaments with firefly symbols or characters from the last of us series are perfect gifts for the series lover.

The last of us vintage posters

A poster based on the series is the perfect gift for a die-hard fan. These posters have vibrant colors and look nice on the room walls. You can gift these posters to the series fan lovers and can even buy them for yourself.
The poster is easy to peel and stick on the surface you want. The durable weatherproof finish ensures the posters will not wear off after sticking them on surfaces.

Sorry, Lady, I Don’t Understand Frog Bookmark

Would you love to gift your reader friend a bookmark with a dialog? You can gift the bookmark with sorry lady, I don’t understand frog dialog from the last of us series to a book lover.
It would look lovely in novels, fiction books, and even subject books. You can even keep the bookmark with you in your favorite reading material. It is a perfect gift for the series lover as well as a reader. Thus, if you have that combination in one person, gift this bookmark to him/her.

Vote For Pedro Pascal Tumbler

Pedro pascal is in love with the last of us series lovers. How about giving a tumbler with a vote for Pedro pascal writing on it? Yes, every Pedro pascal fan will love it.
A tumbler with a vote for Pedro pascal’s writing will also be a nice addition to your series collection. If you love to collect Pedro pascal-inspired accessories, then the tumbler will be the right choice.

Space Latinos Magnets

Magnets are one of the cute gifts anyone can receive. They stick well around refrigerators and walls with a steel surface. Space Latino’s magnet from the last of us series adds to a fan collection.
You can gift multiple series-inspired magnets to a series lover. You can even include this magnet in a gift hamper along with other series-based accessories.
You can even buy this magnet for yourself and add it to your workspace. It will constantly remind you about your love for the series.

Fireflies Beanie

Would you love to flaunt the fireflies from the last of us series on your beanie? You can pair this beanie with other series-based accessories too, like a Pedro pascal ornament.
You can buy a set of 4-5 firefly beanies for your friend’s group. You can then have a group picture with all wearing the same beanie. Such memories are wonderful gifts for anyone on any occasion.


To Summarize

The last of us series got a lot of love from the people. With its next season approaching, having the accessories based on the series will be the next right thing.
You can gift the accessories to Pedro Pascal’s fan or buy them for yourself. They are ideal for a personal collection based on the series. The gifts are of high quality and they look perfect for every occasion.

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